Friday, May 18, 2012

Wildlife Adventure!!

Batman, he freaked my husband out two nights ago. 

Snakey McSnakerson


Welcome to our crazy life!  Three nights ago, my husband woke me up (and 3:20 am) in a panic because he thought he felt a bat fly past him while he was laying on the couch.  He was up because we've all had some weird headache.  Probably because we've been eating really cruddy.  Too much flour...too much sugar...time to get back into Paleo!!  Ok, back on task here....

So I got up, making fun of Nick all the while, and after propping open the doors, started looking for the bat.  We never did find it!  I thought for sure he had lost his mind.  The only indication that he HAD actually felt something was the fact that our dog, Fiona, had made two #2 messes and a #1 mess during the night.  I guess the bat scared her too!!  I did decide after some time that if there has been a coyote in the house (my absolute greatest fear) I too would have messed on the floor like poor Fiona!  By the yesterday morning I had forgotten about the bat, assuming it had gone out where it came in.  Boy was I wrong!!  Nick came downstairs and there was "Batman" hanging on our crown moulding!  He is brave.  After some discussion (because theres been some bat/rabies issues in our county and because they are apparently protected) we decided that we would see if we could spook him out the door before calling anyone in to come get him.  He flew and flew and flew....barely missing the door several times.  I decided to knock him down with the broom.  That was exhilarating!! I should participate in some aggressive sport or something! HA!  After one near bat/face collision I was able to knock him down and grab him with a glove.  I carried him out back....waaaaaay back and dropped him off in the field.  He laid on the ground and whipped his head around to hiss at me.  I just left him be...  I went back a couple hours later to check on him and he had flown away to the safety of some place other than our house where he was unwelcome.  Phew!

Then of all I'm walking back inside from checking on Batman, the dogs are freaking out about something in the grass....  Seriously?!  I thought maybe it was a bee.  They are big bee hunters. Nope!  Its a snake.  Not a fabulously impressive snake  Just a little snake.  Now I've got to get him out of here or the dogs will kill it! (Which my husband would be ok with....two of his biggest fears in one day?! Thank goodness he's got me to protect him!) So I threw my bat glove at him and he attacked it!  I've never seen a snake do that.  His escape was far less dramatic.  With a little prodding he slithered back into the shade under the shed!!

PHEW!!  I feel a little like super woman today.  And a little like Jack Hanna! Two pesky little creatures are safe and sound.  And away from us!  Have a great day!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Few Minutes in the Garden

J and Mo helping me plant tomatoes

To be totally honest...this is a rewrite.  I had nearly all of this post typed when I accidentally hit the 'X' when switching between this page and another.  I was trying to look up a bible reference.  Now I am a bit frustrated.  Praying this post will be even better than the previous one! If it's not, please imagine how great it would have been! ;)

We have spent a lot of time.  Selecting our plants, builing the planters, selecting location, sprouting (and resprouting) the seeds, and planting.  Each morning I take the first few minutes of my day to water each of my plants.  I dive through the bushes on the side of my house to turn on the hose then I begin my morning ritual.  Checking on each plant, speaking encouraging words to them, sprinkling them with cool water, watering each plant twice.  To be sure that they have the life sustaining liquid and nutrition that they need.  Then I carefully pick any weeds or debris that have made it into the beds, out.  This morning it struck me.  Do I devote even a few minutes to each of my children every day??  Surely my children are far more important that a bunch of silly plants! Do I take the risk of "diving through the bushes" that are our lives to spend a minute? Do I pluck the weeds from their lives? Do I make sure that they have each been showered with love and words of praise and adoration?

I have obviously been called to be a mother.  Four times over.  Each of those little lives.  Entrusted into my body and my hands.  (Mine and my husbands, I suppose!)  We are called to cherish them, love them and raise them the way the Bible teaches.  God has entrusted us with his greatest gifts and yet we find time to focus on anything but the greatest gifts. 

"Fathers (and Mothers), do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord. Ephesians 6:3-5"

I challenge you and myself this summer to be sure that you spend a special couple of minutes with each of your children.  Pray for the time or the commitment or the motivation.  The love and the grace.  Because we know somedays, we just plain don't feel like it.  But if we desire, as Godly parents, for our children to grow and bear delcious fruit, fruit that will satify our King, we must make the daily investment.  An investment like no other into our futures.

I fall to my knees at your feet today.  Thank you for laying this on my heart.  Please allow this message to reach the hearts of the women around me.  Be with each mother, Lord, through the struggles and joys of her day.  Bless her heart as she finds time to water each of her tiny blessings, helping each child to bear the fruit that you wish them to.  Keep a hedge of protection around the mothers that read this post and fill them with bountiful grace for her children.  We thank you for each blessing that you have entrusted us with and know that through you we are capable of loving and raising them the way YOU want us to. In your precious name I pray.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Churro Chex Mix

 Alright I have missed A LOT of time with blogging.  And it has been on my mind A LOT to get back into it....but seriously, I need to add about 4 hours to most of my days to have the time.  But today I absolutely had to share this recipe.  I was inspired by a recipe on Pinterest (My newest, most favorite addiction.  I just wish the mobile app worked better.) for churro style chex mix.  The recipe and post was some what incomplete, after several Google searches I didn't come up with anything and I started experimenting.  This makes an amazing batch of cinnamon and sugar style chex mix that is all covered in powered sugar yummy-ness!  I am going to DARE you right now, to stop eating it before its all gone. 

Start with boxes of whatever style of unflavored cereal you prefer.  I went corn chex, crispix, and cheerios.  The generic version anyways.  Because lets face it, its really only a mode of transportation anyhow.  (You could also go with only corn chex, if you'd like to remove that source of gluten). Add the cereal to the biggest mixing bowl you have.

Then melt together cinnamon chips, butter, and peanut butter (Not yet added in this picture) in the microwave.  It took about 1 minute in mine. I tried it without the peanut butter and it is absolutely vital to use.  Otherwise the chips/butter combo was lumpy and didn't spread well over the cereal.
 Once its melted and mixed together, add a teaspoon of vanilla and mix well.  Then poor all over your cereals and mix that baby up!!!  Two big spoons or spatulas work great!!
 After the cereal is well coated, sprinkle, ok douse, your cereal in a combo of powdered sugar, evaporated cane juice, and cinnamon.  Mix well and spread out on waxed paper to cool.  Store in an airtight container.
9 cups of cereal (your choice)
1 cup cinnamon chips
1/4 cup butter
1/2 cup peanut butter
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
2 cups powdered sugar
1 cup evaporated cane juice (or granulated sugar)
2 tsp ground cinnamon

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday!!


The above picture is of him seeing his new Transformers Bumble Bee bike-cycle (Thats how he says it.) He was BEYOND thrilled. I can hardly believe its been 4 years!

Checking out his matching helmet. Of course, its not quite big enough....yay for having a large head. But, its protection!!

Daddy is showing him the ropes of pedaling FORWARD and not being able to roll the pedal backwards as well!

Look at me!!! He's so sweet. Simply the light of my day! He may be crazy active and slightly definat but he is ever grateful and always ready with a hug or a smooch. And the twinkle in his eye and his ever sweet smile gets him out of trouble more often than it should!

I was so impatient for this little sweetie to get here that I couldnt even wait until his due date to ask my OB to induce my labor. Probably the stupidest thing I've ever decided to do. (Ok, not the stupidest but in relation to childbirth). I was in labor for what seemed like forever and was threatened with a c-section after 24 hours. His deadline for a c-section was 10:00 am. He was born at 9:58. That's the story of his life.... <3 this child!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

First Day, Marked off the Calendar

My handsome 7th grader. I can hardly believe that he will be a teenager this year. I am also super thankful, once again, for our kids' amazing school that is allowing us to keep him home on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. For the record, he is ALREADY finished with today's goals. And its 10 am. He was already working when I got back from taking the other kids to school. That makes a Moms heart super proud. Now, to figure out which literature book to start with. And let him in on that he will be doing a daily journal entry. :)

Is she too fabulous for words or what?! LOL!

My pretty little third grader. She was SO MAD that she had to wear a plaid skirt today. Oh well, the new ones will be here Monday. She will probably survive. Most likely, anyways. Probably might be too optimistic.

Aw, I love this angle on her. She looks like her mother. ;)

J of course needed to get in on the action. This is after school and the heat of PE class really brought out her freckles that she gathered this summer. I think Mo and I really hit an integral time in our relationship development this summer. She had a LOT of attitude (and by a lot I mean enough to fill the grand canyon!) but she also became my little shadow, going everywhere with me. She often used the excuse that she didn't want to stay with "grumpy daddy" but I think she really wanted to be with me. I love it. Since she is my only daughter and all!

J, but ONLY because he is so blasted cute. Not that I am biased but WOWZA! He was trying desperately to get into the garage. I am pretty sure he was bored to tears without the older kids yesterday and today he seems like he doesn't know what to do with himself!

This morning was Special Agent Ms first day of preschool (2nd year though). Here he is, flashing a gang sign of some sort I assume. Its a secret first day of preschool gang I guess. He was too nervous/excited to eat breakfast and barely drank his coveted chocolate milk with syrup.

Can you read the expression of love on his face? I can, and it says, "WHAT IS SHE DOING?!"

Heading into school with his lunch, his backpack, and his Mickey Mouse Blankie. He was beyond ready. He bailed out of the car and was running into the school. He could hardly wait for everyone else to get out of the van!
"This is my Special Agent M hook, Mommy"

Now, as I have time for my delicious breakfast and coffee (which J ate and drank most of, he is destined to love coffee), and time for REAL Facebook, not phone Facebook, and a chance to get back into blogging, time for housework, and sewing....I am wishing that I DIDN'T have time!! I have really love having the kids home this summer. We spent lots of time outside and at the pools and lake! It was a blast and it went by WAY TOO QUICKLY!

PS Just because I have TIME for housework, it doesn't necessarily mean I will actually DO any housework. :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Back to School

I can hardly believe that TOMORROW is the first day back at school. It came so quickly... I've had in my mind that school started on the 17th since before school got out last year! So finding out on Sunday that it actually started on the 16th totally threw me through a loop!! It made me feel like I'm not emotionally ready for them to go back! They all have all their supplies, and MOST of their uniforms. I had to reorder Mos skirts for this year. The size I ordered apparently is grossly mis-sized. That is so frustrating. I even went by waist measurements and the button was not going to button by several inches!!!! I am however, very thankful for the fact that ACS switched to navy blue skirts this year. The plaid is very cute but SO EXPENSIVE! I much prefer spending $50 on 5 skirts, than $50 on ONE skirt. :) So, that makes me a happy Momma!

Back to my original point. Special Agent M is READY to go back. And I am ready for him to go back. He's starting to really be in need of some structure in his daily routine....I can tell by how active he has been! Teetoe and Mo, I'm not so ready for. They are both at an age where they are my comrades around the house. They give me someone to talk to, someone who can help me, someone to watch the baby while I pee. It will be so lonely around the house without them all day! Fortunately, Teetoe will be home on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays. We are going to try out part time homeschooling this year. I'm am really stinkin excited. We have lots planned! And so quiet. In some ways I crave the quiet. The days when I can relax for 5 minutes and get the house clean. But in other ways, we thrive on the chaos that is our lives. The whims that are my crazy mind and all the stuff in between.

I'm excited at the idea of having time to get back into sewing and paper crafting. At least during nap times. I'd love to have a sitter for one day during the week for J, but I'm not sure how reasonable that is for me right now. Or for him. He is a complete Mommas boy. Just the few hours away from me while I go to bible study are pretty stressful for him. I suppose, as always, it will get better! :) Special Agent M did. As did Mo. And Teetoe.

Well, everyone is in bed now. Resting their little heads. With clean hair and full tummies. And back packs ready to go for tomorrow. Except Mikey. He will be sad. He doesn't start until Wednesday. That's ok though, one day for Mommy to have as a transition day will be good.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Don't Put it Down, Put it AWAY!

Todays title has been my only takes three weeks to break or form a habit, right?! This is a HUGE lifestyle change for me....I've also added, "Don't walk past it". Its going really well and I feel super good about it.

I actually completed my next task before I even knew I was supposed to! Thats awesome. I was supposed to make a list of three friends or family members that I could discuss my progress and problem areas with....and, well, thats you all. So, thanks!! :)

Next is to write a list of three things I would LOVE to have more time know, if the "have-to's" are taken care of.

#1. Spend more time PLAYING with and DISCOVERING with my children. Projects, goof-offs, trips, learning, research, etc...

#2. Reading. Both recreationally and devotionally. I LOVE to do both and have zero time or energy for either.

#3. This was a tie....I was going to try to choose but I can't. SO, 3a is Scrapbooking. Digitally or on paper, it doesn't matter to me. To document all the fun things I would do with my kids! And 3b is couponing, theres nothing more fun than clipping, organizing, and finding great deals with them! I love when ALL my stacks are clipped and in their proper place. Plus, I'm working on a birthday project related to couponing, that needs to get done!!

So, those are my three goals to have time for. My three motivators.

I super appreciate everyones suggestions on my calendar issues. I purchased a "Moms Plan-It" calendar today. I've used one before with pretty decent success but haven't purchased one for the past couple of years. It is already posted on the fridge and labeled with each persons name and has all the events I could think of on it. Including when paperwork and payments are due! :) That makes me happy. I will also be retrieving my birthday calendar from the basement and hanging it right next to it! Also, I have entered a daily reminder into my phone calendar to coordinate my purse calendar and my fridge calendar and any other calendars that need to be on our central one. It takes three weeks to establish a new **healthy** habit. (:

Another great task I accomplished was getting my jewelry box organized. My mom brought over an old tack board and inspiration hit. I hung it behind my bedroom door and untangled ALL my necklaces and hung them up in an orderly fashion. It should be super simple to maintain, seeing as how all I have to do is rehang it where it was when I'm done.

This road to organization is an exciting one. I can't wait until the whole house is in order.

A side benefit of mindfully not wasting time is that I got our angle bay windows trim and window seat painted yesterday!! Something I've wanted to do for the last FIVE YEARS! Awesome. :)